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Nice art and voices!!

Also @Scroler jokes dont need to be factually correct to be funny. Thats what makes them jokes! ^_ ^

Ive watched from episode one. They got better as proceded including and especially the art.

Spooky.. I don't know how to take this.

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Y2K aHhhh!!!

It actually get's quite intense after 5000 but by the time you get there you feel like killing yourself because it is so repetitious.

@gargoyle is right about everything.

The game was great, just needs some major graphics and animation upgrades.

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Pretty good

Don't have too many thoughts on this one. It's just pretty good. I am curious as to if that 'guitar' sound is a sample from another song, or if you made it with a plug in because it's good.

JohnnyFrizz responds:

I actually made that myself with a couple plugins and a bunch of automations to give it that realistic feel :)

Thank you for the review!

It's like a lite-version hardbass song.
I agreed with the other guy's comment so I'll leave that alone. One thing I noticed is the melody gets off beat at some parts?
Idk listen at 4:25 and 4:50 sometimes it doesn't match up.

JohnnyFrizz responds:

Agreed as well regarding the bass!

Hmm not sure about the melody tho, I guess it's just the natural syncopation of the melody, it probably feels off cause the supersaw arp is playing a very strict 16th note arpeggio while the piano is just repeating the original melody from the beginning.

Try listening again to the piano melody ok the first chorus and see if it still sounds off tempo :)

And once again thank you! Really appreciate all the time spent writing these reviews Mr Pixel ;)

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I love this one, definitely trippin, a background might help like, add day and night in the background. I love those eyes though yumm, 9/10

I love the lighting and shading especially the light from the window. I don't like how the line of the corner of the wall stops, but i can see the focus of the sketch was on the monster himself. stitches make him look like an experiment gone wrong, definitely looks like something from a nightmare.
8/10 good job

Really abstract. The color should be more vibrant and varied.

Pwnidge responds:

Thanks dude

Just another Dj/Artist. Woot. (I use FL Studio 10 and a Numark Mixtrack pro II)

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